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About Us

We provide consultations, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing.

We provide Sleep Studies† in a† purpose built laboratory to diagnose Sleep disorders especially

†††††††††††† Obstructive Sleep apnea

†††††††††††† Narcolepsy

†††††††††††† REM behavior Disorder

We provide† Titration and† Fitting with the appropriate PAP ( Positive Airway Pressure) devices

Our staff includes

Steve Medford FRCS,† Medical Director,† Consultant ENT Surgeon

Completed Mini Fellowship Sleep medicine with AASM† in 2008

Physicians course in sleep medicine at Houston sleep Centre, University of Houston

Leela E Medford RN,† RPSGT†

Board Registered Sleep Technologist,

Technologistís course, Houston Sleep Centre, Univ of Houston.

Judy Nicholas ,† Trainee Sleep† Technologist

You can email us at or call† for a sleep consultation at† our Gulf View Office: 657 7636

Our newest facility was designed and built to house the latest in computer controlled sleep diagnostic equipment whilst not sacrificing the comfort and beauty a patient would expect at home.†

Sleep Technologistís Desk

Our studies are focused on the diagnosis of sleep apnea, , limb movement disorders, snoring, and other disorders that in some instances may affect the patients quality of life,†† and if left untreated, may result in much more serious medical conditions.

Our sleep lab is located at 22 Hart Street, San Fernando at the† foot of† the† San† Fernando Hill.† We are close to Carib Street and† Coffee Street.† Carib street was so named because Caribs lived in this area.† The† Carib House , a historic landmark,† is† located† at the corner of Carib Street and† Upper Hillside street.†

From our† lab , you can see the lights of south Trinidad and the Gulf of Paria

Phone: 868 657† 7636



Fax: 868 652 0053