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Symptoms of  Obstructive  Sleep apnea


· Loud Snoring

· Daytime Sleepiness

· Stops breathing during  Sleep

· Lack of Concentration

· Memory Loss

· Irritability

· Frequent Nighttime Urination

· Morning headaches

· Night sweats

· Sexual dysfunction

· Lack of interest in sex

Sleep apnea - What happens?


A person with sleep apnea drifts off to sleep and during the night, the tongue, excess throat tissue, or relaxed throat muscles block the airway during sleep.

Breathing stops or is reduced for least 10 seconds. The body struggles for air, and the oxygen level in the blood drops.

The brain must then wake the individual , an arousal ,  to resume normal breathing for four or five breaths until the oxygen levels rise. The individual then falls back to sleep and the process can repeat itself many times throughout the night.


Someone suffering from sleep apnea should consider seeing a sleep doctor



If left untreated, some sleep disorders pose serious threats to your health.

They can increase your risk for high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, heart disease and stroke.


And they can damage your immune system, too.

These are just some of the many reasons you should let our team of qualified professionals help you put your sleep problem to rest.

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