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Diagnosis of  Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Can be a bit tricky because it requires an overnight stay at a sleep clinic instead of a routine visit to a doctor’s office. The three symptoms that best characterize the disorder are Loud snoring,  excess sleepiness during the day, and a great deal of gasping , snoring or choking arousals at night


It is the clustering of sleep apnea symptoms that result in your referral to a sleep center.  In sleep centers, patients are interviewed by sleep physicians prior to any diagnostic studies. Since there are over 80 sleep disorders, it is important that the sleep physician create a differential diagnosis and from this select the most appropriate test. Patients suspected of having obstructive sleep apnea have an overnight sleep study (polysomnography study).



What does a sleep study do?

A polysomnography study (PSG or sleep study) measures brain wave activity, respiratory patterns at the nose, mouth , chest and abdomen,, heart rate and rhythm patterns, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, leg movements, eye movements, chest and abdomen movements.  




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How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

Is a Sleep test Necessary?


Yes it is. 

We need the sleep test to diagnose your condition and to assess the severity.


This is similar to tests of  Blood Glucose to diagnose and assess severity of Diabetes.


We cannot treat a condition without  a  Diagnosis .


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