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Sleep Smart                                            

We partner with North Eleven to supply you with Sleep Apnea devices  including the latest  CPAP devices and masks.

Sleep is  an essential physiological state that must be satisfied to ensure survival

TT Sleep  is a professional clinic dedicated to helping patients by performing complete sleep studies and scoring using the latest computer  and diagnostic technology from Embla and Resmed.


We aim to determine the best solution to your sleep disorder. 



Your  treatment is personal.

Following diagnosis, we discuss your findings and the most appropriate treatment.  Treatment may be as simple as losing weight or sleeping on your side.

For Obstructive Sleep Apnea , we  may prescribe a  CPAP device or  refer you to your dental surgeon for a dental appliance. 

Phone: 868 657  7636



Fax: 868 652 0053




Consultations are at Gulf View Medical Centre, La Romain


The Sleep lab for diagnosis of your sleep disordered breathing is at

 22 Hart Street, San Fernando


For an appointment

           Call 657 7636 

TT Sleep uses the Embla N7000 amplifier Designed for the high-performance sleep center, the Embla N7000 is a Polysomnography system with extended EEG capabilities that records up to 60 channels using a modular combination of patient, bedside and communication units. This system is suitable for routine and extended sleep protocols.

Our aim is to provide premier  Sleep Laboratory facilities in keeping with world standards.  We  follow  the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)  guidelines.

We are the only Level 1  sleep facility in the Eastern Caribbean.

Please take a few minutes to tour our web site where you will find informative facts about sleep and explanations of a number of disorders that may be helpful in understanding conditions you or your loved ones are experiencing.

Phone: 868 657  7636



Fax: 868 652 0053