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Tel: 868 657 7636 (Office)

Fax: 868 652 0053

.Located on the  South Trunk road , on the outskirts of the town of  San Fernando,

The Gulf View Medical Centre is an imposing castle like,  red tile structure opposite the Gulf View Shopping Complex



Text Box: Sleep and ENT Consultations 

Gulf View Medical Centre 
715 Mc Connie Street,
La Romain

Sleep laboratory   TT  Sleep


22 Hart Street, San Fernando

· Directions to Sleep Lab

o From Royal Road ,  (Mc Enearney, ANSA Mc AL)

o Turn Right onto  Coffee Street near Standard Distributors

o Pass KFC  on Right and  Turn Right onto Marryat Street

o Cross Carib Street ( ie  first street you meet)

o Turn Left at next street ie Hart street ( by  WASA Booster  hut)

o  House is 6th  on left,  immediately opposite  land with Mango trees

Phone: 868 657  7636



Fax: 868 652 0053




Doctors have described more than 70 sleep disorders, most of which can be managed effectively once they are correctly diagnosed.