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Preparation for a Sleep study


· Test is  conducted in the Sleep  Lab at   22 Hart Street, San Fernando

· Directions

o From Royal Road ,  (Mc Enearney, ANSA Mc AL)

o Turn Right onto  Coffee Street near Standard Distributors

o Pass KFC  on Right and  Turn Right onto Marryat Street

o Cross Carib Street ( ie  first street you meet)

o Turn Left at next street ie Hart street ( by  WASA Booster  hut)

o House is 6th  on left,  immediately opposite  land with Mango trees

o Open sliding gate, walk to  right and  take steps upstairs . Knock glass

Call  304  6223  Judy Nicholas    (Sleep Technologist )



§ Avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate or cola) after  12 p.m.

§ Abstain from napping.  Do not take  any sleeping mediation

§ Avoid liquids after 8  p.m.

§ Please shower before you arrive for your study.  Scrub scalp briskly

§ Do not apply body lotion, hairspray or gel.

§ Men who are normally clean shaven should shave in the evening / Shave Right  Leg

§ Have dinner before arrival



§ All paperwork that was mailed/ given  to you before your study

§ Your favorite pillow or anything else that would make you more comfortable.

§ Comfortable and appropriate clothing to sleep in.

§ All of your current medications.

§ Your toothbrush and all personal toiletries.

§ Anything you may require for the following morning.  You can shower before you

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Steve Medford  FRCS                                            Leela E Medford  RN, RPSGT

Lab address and preparation